A Member may call for the creation of a new standard, providing they have written support of two (2) other Members. All requesting Members must commit to providing resources for the development of the standard. Members must provide a development plan comprised of an overview of the proposed standard, a draft charter, a development timeline, and an agenda for the initial committee meeting.

GSA standards are available to Members and Non-members, licensing fees may apply. To become a member of IGSA, go to IGSA’s Membership Page. Depending on your membership level, you may be able to download standards from the website, and review drafts of standards in the members only area.

One of the benefits of membership in IGSA is the ability to work on a standard with other members as a technical committee member. Members share their work and opinions with each other in an open and transparent setting.

IGSA provides Online Training or Personal Training. You can also find valuable educational information on our YouTube channel. Please see IGSA resources and education.

Members and License holders are automatically notified of any updates to the standards. Depending on membership level, Members may be able to download a standard by choosing the standard they are interested in on this page and logging in.

Regulators can access any standard by requesting a copy from IGSA. For more information, contact IGSA.

Within some IGSA Standards, there is an identifier that is designed to be globally unique. This identifier is used to uniquely identify the products, such as EGMs, game themes, game theme content, pay tables, etc. developed by a Supplier. More information can be found here.