The diverse regulatory reporting requirements for online gaming operations present a major challenge to suppliers of iGaming Platforms, Remote Game Servers, and Progressive Jackpot Controllers. Unique jurisdictional requirements are a major barrier to entry in some markets and have stymied efforts to introduce shared liquidity across jurisdictional boundaries. The Regulatory Reporting Interface (RRI) Standard seeks to address these problems by introducing a single method for reporting to regulators the online gaming information they require.

The RRI Standard is the responsibility of the Online Gaming Committee (OGC) and is available to Regulatory Authorities at no charge. Regulators interested in observing the OGC as it works on this Standard can join IGSA's regulatory committee. Please go here for more information on the Regulatory Committee.

The RRI was the basis for the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) Standard called the Online Gaming Reporting (OGR) whose creation was led by IGSA.