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  • Joining IGSA opens a whole new world of possibilities and offers you infinite opportunities to evolve your company, mission, products, and services.
  • The IGSA is a forum that listens, hears, and shapes the future of our Industry through the visions, discussions, and decisions of its members. By being a member, you become an integral part of creating the future of our Industry.
  • Join a forum of the Industry Leaders that make and shape standards on a global level.
  • Have a voice in shaping the future of our Industry.
  • Learn from the most senior and successful companies in our Industry.
  • Have your voice heard globally and to associations such as the International Gaming Regulators Association.
  • Be recognized as participating in the most prestigious association for Gaming Suppliers.
  • Distinguish yourself with your clients as being at the forefront of our Industry’s evolution.
  • Have access to cutting edge standards and protocols to increase your competitiveness.
  • Gain access to the industry’s leading suppliers for support and advice.
  • Access the deepest knowledge base in our Industry.