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As Network Gaming becomes more widespread throughout the gaming industry, adherence to GSA standards is critical to ensure end-to-end, multi-vendor interoperable solutions.

The primary objective of this committee is to drive a set of guidelines and recommendations that enables the industry to provide interoperable, business solutions to the operator community. The intention is that this group acts as a higher-level framework around other GSA committees to drive a consistent interoperability approach.

The committee will define and manage what GSA Certification means to the industry.

The committee shall develop, and publish guidelines to provide operators and manufacturers with a common understanding of interoperability. The committee shall monitor the GSA certification program and, as necessary, recommend certification policy amendments to assure high levels of interoperability are achieved and maintained.

The charter is a living document and will be updated and refined as this committee evolves. The initial intention is to bring focus to the immediate challenges that face the gaming industry in the area of GSA Certification and interoperability.


The following are proposed definitions of GSA Certification and Interoperability.

GSA Certification:

  1. Manufacturer compliance to all the requirements of the GSA Certification Program Guide
  2. Conformance of the protocol implementation to the GSA Standards
  3. GSA Certification does not guarantee Interoperability, but is a foundation to assist the industry accelerate and maintain interoperability


  1. Ability to successfully operate in a multi-vendor network gaming environment
  2. Focused on multiple vendor's ability to deliver end-to-end, product level, business solutions
  3. For the short term, interoperability will have to be proven out in multi-vendor network gaming environments

There are two aspects of this committee:

  1. Defining and managing the GSA Certification policies.
  2. Facilitating a forum by which vendors, operators, regulators and labs can collaborate to validate interoperable solutions in a repeatable/defined fashion.

Each vendor would have the primary responsibility to drive and manage the interoperability of their products with other appropriate vendors, which could be used as a differentiator for them to communicate interoperable capability to operators. GSA would not be involved with certifying interoperability at the product level, nor is it intended to state a requirement for any third party or test lab oversight or involvement.