The IGSA developed standards allows Casino Operators increase realize greater revenue and decrease costs. They do this by:

  • Providing all of the data that slot machines generate. Data which antiquated protocols like SAS cannot provide. This includes, but is not limited to, detailed progressive meter information and multi-game individual game performance information.
  • Providing full slot machine software and firmware inventory information which eliminates the risk of being fined because of revoked code in slot machines.
  • Eliminating the need to manually read progressive meter information to perform daily or weekly reconciliations.

You can get access to this data without having to replace your existing Slot Accounting or Casino Management System! The IGSA Game to system (G2S) protocol can pull information from the slot machine’s secondary communication or network port without any interference to the existing, regulatory required, system of record.

IGSA’s three main standards are now mandated by Regulatory requirement or Legislative law, in Countries, Provinces and States around the world, which means that all major slot machine suppliers have implemented them. They are available to you if you ask for them.

IGSA’s G2S - Game to system, S2S - System to system and GDS - Gaming Device Standards. Many of the innovations that Operators will need to provide to their players now AND in the future, are provided through the use of these standards.

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  • Practically every slot machine has multiple communication ports allowing multiple systems to be connected and gather information.
  • You can develop or buy an existing simple communication application to gather data elements that your CMS today does not capture. This will allow you to send that data to off-the-shelf Business Intelligence, Visualization and other data analytical applications.
  • You can choose to subscribe to specific meters and events needed by your marketing system, making it much more efficient then just getting everything?
  • You can transmit this marketing data from your newer slot machines without needing to re-cable your slot floor?
  • Using IGSA standards, your IT team can manage, maintain the security and integrity of the slot network using the same tools that they use to manage their existing back-of-house local and wide-area networks?
  • Regulators are asking for IGSA standards to ensure that slot machines are running valid, approved software.
    The most reliable of these are online slot machines with bitcoin (BTC) payment method, they undergo a special certification procedure.
  • You can use the same simple communication application to understand; in real-time what each of your slot machines is comprised of, both hardware and software, including such details as vendor, product model, release version, and serial numbers.
  • Your EGMs can provide you with full information on the personality and configuration of every connected EGM, making identifying incorrect configurations or revoked software much more efficient and accurate?

All of this functionality is already available and in use. Where? Casinos in the US (Las Vegas), Canada (New Brunswick, Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia), Australia (New South Wales) Europe (Austria, Finland, Greece, Poland), are all getting access to this functionality on slot machines provided by the major manufacturers. You too can have this!

The International Gaming Standards Associations (IGSA) Game to System (G2S) Standard makes this possible.

The International Gaming Standards Association (IGSA) has worked with several of our members that have implemented G2S on their casino floors to provide case studies of problems that have come up and how those problems have been solved.

IGSA offers a variety of membership levels to fit every budget. For a full review of the various benefits and levels of membership, please look here.

IGSA offers implementation assistance, in addition to personalized and in-depth training to operators upon request. IGSA staff is happy to answer questions during implementation and/or face-to-face training at your premises, for training for any of our standards. For more information, contact IGSA.

IGSA has done an in-depth comparison of the services that Operators could provide their customers with the installation of open standard G2S based slot machines vs. proprietary SAS based slot machines. Download the article here.