Membership Class and Fees

Applications received after July 1 will be prorated to 50% of the annual fee, providing company agrees to renew membership for the next calendar year at same or higher level. Bronze membership and Committee Specific Memberships are not eligible for prorating. IGSA standard licensing is based upon a yearly billing cycle. Membership provides an implied license(s) to implement and use IGSA standards, IP, trade secrets etc. as determined by your membership level. Cessation of membership will terminate any and all implied license(s).


Applicants agree for the duration of the applicant’s membership in GSA (dba as IGSA) to fully abide by GSA bylaws, policies, rules and regulations as such can be amended from time to time hereafter. Member understands that IGSA does not guarantee the availability and/or terms of any licensing agreements with third parties regarding proprietary specifications.

Applicants are notified that they must immediately make any applicable patent declarations, in accordance with patent policy 103 of the IGSA Policy Handbook, upon approval of this application with the exception of Operator and Regulatory only committee members.

Applicant understands that licensing fees may apply.

Applicant agrees to provide a minimum of 60-day notice prior to their renewal date should they elect to terminate membership.

Application must be signed before it can be processed.

IGSA membership decisions are, in large part, premised and reliant upon the accuracy of the information supplied by the applicant. By submitting this application, the applicant represents that the information contained herein is truthful and complete to the best of its knowledge.

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