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The S2S Committee manages the following standards:

  • S2S – System to System
  • SSI – Simple System Interface
  • NGI – Network GAT Interface
  • TGR – Trusted GAT Results
  • PKG – Package Manifest file format
  • CDI – Certification Database Interface

The System-to-System (S2S) committee is charged with i) defining, identifying and developing a system-to-system messaging protocol to be adopted as GSA’s S2S Standard for messaging between gaming host and non-gaming host systems, and ii) providing documentation to support the implementation and certification of the S2S Standard.

The Scope of the S2S Committee is limited to the development of a messaging protocol necessary and sufficient for the transmission of system-to-system messages with the sole purpose of the protocol being to enable products to communicate and interoperate with each other in a standard manner.

The Scope shall not include (a) any Enabling Technologies that may be necessary to make or use any Product or portion of a Product that utilizes the S2S Standard; or (b) the implementation of other published specification(s) referred to in the body of the S2S Standard but which are not explicit component(s) thereof; or (c) any Product(s), portions of Product(s), or combination(s) of Product(s) themselves; or (d) any transport-specific means or methods.

For the purpose of this Charter, Enabling Technologies and/or Products include but are not limited to applications such as games, bonusing, progressives, player tracking, player authentication, application content authentication, accounting, device or game security, encryption, and other technologies or products of a similar nature.

The committee shall:

  1. Consider best of breed protocols to fulfill its charter.
  2. Use commonly accepted computer industry standards whenever possible.
  3. Develop XML message schemas that accurately describe the messages.
  4. Consider both backward and forward compatibility as it extends the S2S Standard.
  5. Solicit input from GSA members, GSA committees, and industry groups.
  6. Develop protocols that can be consistently implemented by adopters.
  7. Implement a continuous improvement process for the protocol created.
  8. Produce, under the direction of the Chair, an annual plan with objectives that are consistent with the GSA’s annual plan or board directives.