To join a committee contact us. Please note you must be the employee of a gaming compliance authority, to be a member of this committee.

The Regulatory Committee (RC) is a non-technical committee intended to represent the Policy Domain (regulatory community) within the GSA organization. The RC will serve as a forum in which regulators collaborate to address issues facing the industry driving towards standardization.

The committee shall:

  1. Review all MOU’s for RC membership and notify the GSA Board of Directors (BOD) of their recommendations for acceptance or rejection.
  2. Only accept members who have signed the RC MOU agreement.
  3. Upon request, provide the GSA BOD with RC meeting agendas and a list of RC work items.
  4. Not make any statements on behalf of GSA without BOD authorization.
  5. Identify and collect information to support regulatory policies.
  6. Provide for open communication, through the GSA BOD, between the Policy Domain (regulatory community) and the Industry Domain (operators and vendors) on potential new regulatory requirements that might be appropriate for standardization and on other issues of common interest.
  7. Provide comments, through the GSA BOD, on proposals for GSA standards that may affect regulatory standards and/or requirements.
  8. Consider all comments from RC members equally while working towards consensus before voting.
  9. Have only one voting member per organization. (Regulatory agencies prohibited from voting may provide comments but abstain from voting.)
  10. Consider standards initiated by the RC committee to be public domain and make them accessible to all entities regardless of GSA membership.
  11. Generally follow the rules for committee leadership as stated in GSA Policy 102.3.3.