To join a committee contact us. Please note you must be an employee of either a Platinum, Gold or Silver member of IGSA, to participate in this committee.


The Payment Standards Committee (PSC) is charged with identifying and developing standards designed to create a payments framework whereby the security of payments transactions is protected, and traceability of payments transactions is enhanced, in the Global Gaming Industry.

The scope of the PSC is to provide regulators and operators with a payments standard that covers the broad spectrum of payments.The PSC committee members will work collaboratively to explore the opportunities and challenges associated with implementation of mobile, contactless, and other payment methodologies to create standards that identify possible solutions to existing and foreseeable challenges and facilitate the sharing of best practices with all industry stakeholders.

The scope of the PSC is limited to Industry Standards that do not interfere with or conflict with any banking or internationally recognized payments or technology Standard.

The committee shall:

  1. Provide a framework to guide Industry Stakeholders on how to adopt payments standards that protect the security of, and enhance opportunities for payment transactions.
  2. Consider and utilize commonly accepted best-of-breed computer industry standards whenever possible to fulfill its charter.
  3. Solicit input from GSA members, GSA committees, Industry groups including Regulators and groups from sister industries who utilize payments.
  4. Produce, under the direction of the committee Chair, an annual plan with objectives that are consistent with the GSA’s annual plan or board directives.